Part of speech: noun

  1. the act or process of providing evidence or proof to support a claim or assertion; validation

Examples of


in a sentence

  • The lawyer presented compelling substantiation of her client’s innocence, including DNA evidence and witness testimony.
  • Without proper substantiation, the theory remains merely speculative and lacks credibility.

Did you Know?

“Substantiation” originates from the Latin word “substantiāre,” derived from “substantia,” meaning “substance” or “essence.” The prefix “sub-” signifies “under” or “below,” while “stantia” refers to “standing” or “being.” Thus, “substantiation” literally implies the act of providing support or evidence to establish the existence or truth of something, lending weight or substance to an idea, claim, or argument. The term is commonly used in various fields, including philosophy, law, science, and finance, where it denotes the process of validating or confirming the legitimacy, accuracy, or validity of a proposition, theory, or statement through empirical evidence, logical reasoning, or documentation. In essence, “substantiation” embodies the foundational principle of substantiating claims with credible evidence to ensure trustworthiness and reliability.

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