Part of speech: verb

  1. to speak slowly with prolonged vowel sounds, often in a lazy or relaxed manner

Examples of


in a sentence

  • The Southern gentleman would drawl out his words in a distinctive accent.
  • She drawled her responses, giving the impression of nonchalance.

Did you Know?

“Drawl” originates from the Middle English word “drawlen,” which means “to speak indistinctly” or “to prolong sounds lazily.” It describes a manner of speaking characterized by slow, drawn-out vowels and a relaxed, leisurely pace. A drawl is often associated with certain regional accents or dialects, particularly in the Southern United States, where speech patterns tend to be more relaxed and languid. However, drawling can also be adopted as a stylistic choice or affectation by individuals seeking to convey a laid-back or casual demeanor. The concept of drawling prompts contemplation on the nuances of speech and communication, highlighting how variations in accent, rhythm, and intonation contribute to the richness and diversity of language.

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