[kwof, kwaf]

Part of speech: verb

  1. to drink a beverage, especially an alcoholic one, with hearty enjoyment

Examples of


in a sentence

  • The travelers stopped at the tavern to quaff mugs of ale after a long journey.
  • He quaffed the champagne in celebration of his promotion.

Did you Know?

“Quaff” hails from Middle English and is thought to derive from the Old English word “cwæfan,” which means “to quaff, to drink deeply.” It’s a term used to describe the action of drinking heartily or deeply, often referring to the consumption of a beverage, especially in large gulps or with gusto. “Quaff” carries connotations of enjoyment and conviviality, suggesting a relaxed and leisurely approach to imbibing. Whether it’s a refreshing pint of ale at a tavern or a glass of wine shared among friends, the term “quaff” evokes images of social gatherings and merry moments. It prompts thoughts of camaraderie and celebration, inviting one to savor the pleasures of life’s simple indulgences.

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