Part of speech: verb

  1. to praise enthusiastically or lavishly; to exalt or laud

Examples of


in a sentence

  • Critics extolled the novel for its profound insights into human nature.
  • The coach extolled the virtues of teamwork and perseverance to his players.

Did you Know?

The word “extol” traces its origins back to Latin. It stems from the Latin verb “ex(s)tolere,” which means “to raise up” or “to lift up.” This verb is a compound of “ex,” meaning “out,” and “tolere,” meaning “to bear” or “to endure.” The prefix “ex-” implies an action moving outward, while “tolere” suggests a sense of support or endurance. Over time, “extol” evolved in English to signify the act of praising or lauding something highly, reflecting its original Latin roots of elevating or lifting up in commendation. It carries a connotation of expressing great admiration or approval for the qualities or virtues of a person, idea, or thing.

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