Part of speech: verb

  1. to clear from guilt or blame; exonerate

Examples of


in a sentence

  • The newly discovered evidence helped to exculpate the wrongly accused man, leading to his release from prison.
  • The witness’s testimony served to exculpate the defendant, casting doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Did you Know?

The word “exculpate” originates from Latin roots. The prefix “ex-” means “out of” or “from,” indicating removal or release from something. The Latin word “culpa” means “fault” or “blame.” Therefore, “exculpate” literally means to remove or free someone from blame or guilt. It’s commonly used in legal contexts, indicating the act of clearing someone from accusations or charges, suggesting innocence or lack of responsibility. This term is pivotal in discussions related to exoneration, innocence, and absolution, often employed in legal proceedings and ethical discourse.

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