Part of speech: noun

  1. a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of interest or excitement; a sense of boredom or weariness

Examples of


in a sentence

  • Despite living a lavish lifestyle, he couldn’t shake off the ennui that had settled in his heart.
  • The repetitive tasks at work left her with a sense of ennui that she couldn’t escape.

Did you Know?

Ennui is derived from the French word ennuyer, meaning “to annoy” or “to bore.” It refers to a feeling of boredom or dissatisfaction, often stemming from a lack of excitement or interest in one’s surroundings or activities. Ennui is associated with a sense of weariness and apathy. Recognizing and addressing ennui can lead to a search for meaningful activities and a renewed sense of purpose.

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