Part of speech: noun

  1. a person who never laughs; one who is habitually humorless

Examples of


in a sentence

  • John’s stern demeanor and lack of humor earned him the reputation of being an agelast among his friends.
  • The stand-up comedian’s jokes were met with silence by the audience, leaving him feeling like he was performing for a room full of agelasts.

Did you Know?

The word “Agelast” originates from the Greek language, specifically from the Greek word “ἀγέλαστος” (agelastos), which means “unlaughing” or “not easily amused.” It is derived from the combination of “ἀ-” (a-), a prefix denoting negation, and “γέλαστος” (gelastos), which means “laughable” or “amusing.” “Agelast” is used in English to describe a person who rarely or never laughs, typically due to a lack of humor or a stern disposition.

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